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Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt


The history of ancient Egypt extends from c.3100 BC down to c.AD 600, although
during the later period it had become part of the Roman Empire. Prior to the
unification of the country in c.3100 BC, there were perhaps two thousand years
when the civilisation gradually developed but since written records of this earliest
period have never been discovered, the names of individual rulers or persons of
historical importance have rarely survived. Therefore, it has been decided to
incorporate here only the major figures between c.3100 BC and c.AD 600, although
during the period of Roman rule only those Roman Emperors who had a marked
association with or interest in Egypt have been included.
The main aim of the book is to make more easily available to the student and
general reader a dictionary of biographical references which relate to the important
historical and cultural figures and also to a selection of other less well-known
individuals. There is a selection of maps showing the major sites in Egypt and
Nubia, as well as other areas of the ancient Near East and the Classical world, and
genealogies are included of the royal family of the Eighteenth Dynasty and the
Divine Wives of Amun during the Third Intermediate Period.

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