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Nutricide: The Nutritional Destruction of the Black Race


<b>Economic Benefits of Illness is Only Part of the Story</b><br />
told in this shocking analysis of the economics of food manipulation, and the historical impact of nutritional deficiences on the psyche of both Whites and African Americans. Facts and figures on how America benefits from your ignorance about junk food and poor nutrition and its impact on mental illness, emotional disturbances in children, racism, sexual deviancy, and… and the physical breakdown of Black Americans.</p>
This book outlines the effect that nutrients have on the mind, mood, spirit, physical body and state of consciousness of both Whites and Blacks. The author’s research uncovers the historical differences in diets between the two cultures and the negative impact on Black Americans when adopting a diet and nutrition program unsuited to their bodies. Provides suggestions for changing the diet to remove the offending foods, reverse heart and circulatory diseases, and arrive at a state of mental, spiritual and physical health – in alignment with ancient African principles of nourishment.</p>
He sets out theories on modern medicine and the perpetuation of disease and illness for research and ultimately, billing purposes. An excellent, controversial book that some may find difficult to read.</p>

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