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Sex and Race, Vol. 3: Why White and Black Mix in Spite of Opposition


Of the trilogy this one was especially difficult to put down, because the content was quite riveting. It is amazing how this reporter, researcher, historian and anthropologist can go around the world and find out information in the most minute detail, for presentation and presently you have modern academicians who cannot decipher many of the historical texts with any type of accuracy and not without bias. The author will answer most of your questions on the social sexual issues between Africans and Europeans. If you have a question Mr. Rogers just may be the man to answer it. In addition there is the WOW factor, or the history you just may not get anywhere else except with exceptional authors like this one….. And just like the previous two volumes to make his case he has great black and white photos and all of the references that may be possible.<br />
<br />
Especially of interest…The myth of how Ham became black because of a curse, the universal decay of empires, the views of Arthur Schopenhauer, mental illness among the wealthy, the African Polynesians, Hitler, the Nazis and homosexuality, who really colonized the US, Mexico, and Europe, Lincoln, the incompetency of man’s knowledge, and finally be sure to read the notes section which is every bit as interesting as the major content.</p>

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